Craig Krcil, Director – Bill Print & Fulfillment Services

Are you ready for the upcoming spring and summer holidays? Mother’s Day. Father’s Day. 4th of July. Now is the time to keep your messaging in mind, as you mail out thousands of invoices over these big holidays.

Even though we are exposed to hundreds of messages every day, the one item that seems to always catch our attention is the good old bill. The invoice STILL has a 95% read rate, making it the easiest and number one way to communicate to your valuable customers. The invoice can be used to enhance branding, cross-sell or promote new products and/or services, announce a sale or be used as a platform to provide helpful tips.

It’s essential that every piece of customer communication you send is eye catching, captivating and impactful. If you have not leveraged your invoice as a marketing tool, now is a perfect time to think about enhancing your message throughout the invoice or notice, utilizing full color messaging on your envelope or adding an insert for cost-effective marketing that offers maximum impact.

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